Origin Ventures Website

Origin Ventures is a successful VC firm based in Chicago. They were in need of a website that would reflect their high level of expertise and professionalism. We created a site with a clean UI, bold colors and portals to help the user navigate.

Real Family Real Food Website

Everybody needs to eat! Real Family Real Food helps out by providing a subscription service of weekly recipes, including shopping lists and food facts. We created a fun clean site which pulls users in and allows them to easily find what they're looking for.

Futterman Dupree Dodd Croley Maier LLP Website

We were delighted to come in and give Futterman Dupree Dodd Croley Maier a design overhaul. Tying in their new brand and identity, we packaged the firms values in a beautiful site.

City Savant

We couldn't be happier about the new brand we created for City Savant. Our main goal was to create an easy to navigate site with a unique, hip and whimsical look. We used the latest technology to integrate with Google maps, create a custom calendar, display multiple photos per location, develop an advanced search and custom CMS.

Miller's Toys

Miller's Toys was in need of a website redesign that would highlight their sophisticated yet playful brand in a user friendly way. Wanting to draw attention to their upscale product, we used flash to create a unique "window shopping" experience. This is just a taste of what users can expect to see when they enter this quaint New York establishment. The entire site is CMS driven.

Jones Hall

Located in San Francisco, Jones Hall is the largest California law firm solely devoted to public finance. MPDG was called in to give the website and identity a makeover. The home page sets the perfect stage for the firm's mission statement, while local imagery reflects the firm's commitment to its community. Blocks of color clearly define the navigation to make for a smooth user experience.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton Konecky LLP

We were thrilled to assist SWCBK with branding and website design. The main challenge was organizing a large amount of content into a simple navigation system. MPDG included rotating flash menus on the home page to prominently display the latest success stories and portals at the bottom to highlight news plus areas of expertise.

Bank of America

Carefully designed to adhere to established brand guidelines, these flash banners give the Bank of America home page a splash of creativity. Bold colors and warm imagery are used to entice both new and regular users into the bank's site.

Maverick Restaurant

Enter the Maverick website to experience the ambiance of this San Francisco hot spot. Well-organized architecture and layout combined with tantalizing photography give you everything needed to get your mouth watering in anticipation of your visit. We wish we could have figured out how to serve up some wi-fi grub, but you'll have to hit the brick & mortar restaurant for that!

Morgenstein and Jubelirer, Winner of the LMA

When you look for a law firm, trustworthy is what you want. That was the feeling MPDG created for Morgenstein & Jubelirer's online home. The simple, elegant identity is portrayed through dramatic photography and muted colors on the website with clean, simple design. Visitors are offered a classic, easy-to-navigate experience with a secure feel. In a nutshell ... trustworthy.


The bright colors and patterns of Maxsui belts gave MPDG a fun, exciting framework for creativity. The muted color palette of the background showcases the boldness of the belts. A simple e-commerce format ensures that everyone has access to these "must have" fashion accessories.

Shaw Strategic Services

Shaw Strategic Services wanted a fresh way to promote their email marketing services. MPDG worked hand in hand with the team to create a clean, organic look that represents their personalized culture. Highlighted testimonials commend this forward thinking firm and validate their expertise.

Michelle Rahn

Michelle Rahn's site eliminates pre-wedding stress by allowing brides-to-be gown shopping opportunities in the privacy of their own home. The flash site is clean, fresh and crisp with simple navigation that allows the user to find both her perfect dress as well as locations to try it on. The overall feel is elegant and fabulous – just like the product itself.

Starr Finley

What California business wouldn't love advertising this prestigious address? MPDG arranged a custom photo shoot to visually capture the firm's prime location and real estate expertise. The unique shots enhance the site visually, and the firm's information is clean and crisp.

Valet Today Campus

VTC approached MPDG with the task of creating a visually appealing site that would cater to college students and their parents. This site needed to organize each schools' products and services in a clean, easy to navigate fashion. The result is a hip, user friendly site which drives both audiences to the site and keeps them clicking.

Cake Parties

Cake wanted a warm, inviting site to showcase their unique brand and paper products. The site is ”a little slice of the stuff that makes people happy” and based on this self-described vision of the company. Light whimsical style, creative photography and a soft layout come together to draw visitors in and showcase the sweet line.

DĂ©cor Stock

DĂ©cor Stock features quality imagery at royalty free pricing. The search function works in tandem with a scrolling visual navigation bar to show clients multiple images based on specific user requests. Intuitive drag and drop technology makes filling a shopping cart easy and sales are just a couple clicks away.

Bloom Honey Branding

Bloom Honey creates a simple, smart product. Honey that is raw, pure and good for you. We wanted to showcase this simplicity with clean labels that clearly define the new brand and their many varietals.

Real Family Real Food

Everybody needs to eat! Real Family Real Food helps out by providing a subscription service of weekly recipes, including shopping lists and food facts. We created a simple whimsical logo to represent this Family based brand.

Science Based Health, <span style=

ScienceBased Health specializes in innovative eye care and came to MPDG for a logo upgrade. The mark you see was developed to find the balance between health, trust and modern appeal. With crisp shapes and a soft pallet, the new mark is on the cutting edge. Winner of the American Graphic Design & Advertising Award, 2009.

City Savant

City Savant is the latest creation of Chicago Diva Libby Larson. Libby is the queen of all that's happening around town. So we of course saw it fitting that a crown be a part of this distinguished mark. The addition of the gold and the elegant type adds just the right amount of sophistication.

Jones Hall

Small firm, big impact - Jones Hall requested a strong, trustworthy and unique logo. MPDG took this opportunity to put a modern touch on the brand. While still remaining somewhat traditional, this mark is anything but ordinary.

Futterman Dupree Dodd Crowley Maier

Forward thinking is the name of the game at Futterman Dupree Dodd Croley Maier. When the firm added three new partners to its name, we were challenged to create a tight, cutting edge mark that encompassed all of the names in a nice neat package. Mission accomplished!

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton and Konecky

The law firm of Schneider Wallace needed to create a new firm logo when new partners came on board. With simple graphics and clean typography, we created this timeless mark to include Cottrell Brayton and Konecky, a total of five names, in the representation.

VIA Worldwide

This internationally acclaimed broadcast design company needed a mark that would stand out from the rest. MPDG created this bold, dynamic symbol to represent their design style. The print collateral pictured here was the second part of the project.

Morgenstein and Jubelirer

Morgenstein & Jubelirer law firm needed a simple, traditional and timeless mark. MPDG created this classic and trustworthy logo that was just what they were looking for.

Design Guild San Francisco

The Design Guild SF just oozes creativity. Located in the heart of San Francisco, it is a collective studio where independent designers and small firms gather to share resources, ideas and inspiration. MPDG had a blast working on this piece which portrays unique individuals coming together as one.


We were thrilled when motorcycle cleaning supply company, Papa Wheelie, requested a new logo. MPDG developed a character based on "Papa" the connoisseur of motorcycles and created a type treatment with hot flames to bring out the biking aspect.

liliherz design

With a company as creative as liliherz design, we knew we had to develop a logo to match! This greeting card company which specializes in birth announcements and invitations was looking to highlight their name in a unique way. MPDG deconstructed the three initials to come up with this one of a kind mark.

Earth and Sky Oasis

A warm and inviting logo with deep, soft colors greets you when you visit San Francisco's Earth & Sky Oasis Spa. MPDG was guided by the client's desire to show a welcoming experience that hints at the relaxing experience which guests indulge in at this retreat.

Hub Pages

Listed as one of the 150 most visited US sites on the Internet, is the place to be. MPDG created this logo to portray their community of individual yet interconnected bloggers. The possibilities for creativity and expression are endless, just as the arrows point to infinity.

Image Above

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...remotely piloted aircraft! Welcome to Image Above, a San Francisco Bay Area company specializing in traditional aerial photography. IA came to us needing a fresh logo that would emphasize what they are all about, since their process is often difficult to explain. We think we hit it spot on.

The Japan Chef

The Japan Chef is one of the top sellers of Japanese cutlery. They came to us in need of a logo that was clean, crisp and powerful, just like their knives. We utilized slick typography with a subtle design element that could be used for all their marketing needs from products and packaging to collateral.

Ralston White Retreat Foundation

The Ralston White Retreat Foundation takes pride in the restoration of its historic mansion in Marin County. We married an elegant type treatment with representations of redwood trees and mountains to create this visual representation of the Foundation's mission.

Valet Today Campus

VTC wanted to update their logo with a younger, fresher look that still utilized their brand recognized check mark. MPDG used modern colors and typography to appeal to the college target market while keeping the elements required to stay true to the VTC brand.


eTheorem brings experienced professionals together to collaborate on marketing projects. This logo was created to emphasize the flexibility of working with different artists and the creativity required by successful marketing practices.

Structure Financial Serviecs

This Bay Area accounting firm's main goal is assuring clients that they are in trustworthy hands. Playing off of the company's name, the logo's modern, high-tech feel appeals to Structure's core clientele of internet companies while the solid, classic elements convey the strength required by a financial organization.

Jamba Juice Holiday Gift Cards

Who knows fruit better than Jamba Juice? When the holidays rolled around, MPDG was very excited to design these delightful gift cards and holders. We loved working with their brand to make fruit the star of the show. These works of art are practically gifts in themselves!

Steve Kimock Poster

Steve Kimock needed a poster for his 2 night Chicago run and we were happy to help. Blending his famous guitar with the Chicago skyline, we captured the vibe of this sold out show.

Schiff Hardin Announcement

MPDG created this announcement for the merger of two powerful law firms. Prior to its release, we also designed a full ad campaign based on the 1+1=385 concept shown on the collateral.

Bridge School Benefit Posters

We are very proud of our pro bono work. For the past six years, MPDG has created and donated the promotional poster to the San Francisco Bridge School's Annual Benefit ... and we've had a blast doing it.

Oshman Family JCC

The Oshman Family JCC recently opened its doors in Palo Alto. To toast the celebration, MPDG created the Grand Opening invitation. Using the campus colors and architectural imagery, the piece is a sneak peek at what guests will see when they visit the new space. Unique cards with illustrated overlays represent the different events. All are packaged with a bellyband and tucked neatly in a folder.

Youk's Hot Sauce

Combine a San Francisco Chef and a Boston Red Sox Third Baseman and what do you get? Youk's hot sauce, of course! The bi-coastal brothers Youk came together to launch this mouth-watering line, and MPDG was lucky enough to get one of the first tastes. We designed the lable to be easy to spot - just keep an eye out for the flaming baseball!

Morgenstein and Jubelirer Brochure

This collaboration between client and agency resulted in a beautiful self promotional piece. We pushed the envelope with creative imagery to help this prestigious law firm stand out.

Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton Konecky LLP

This classic die cut announcement, featuring a new logo created by MPDG, was the official introduction of the expansion of Schneider, Wallace, Cottrell, Brayton and Konecky.

Brides Night Out

Brides Night Out plans bachelorette parties so the ladies can relax and not worry about details. With their package comes a fun book for the future brides to fill out. We worked with custom illustrations to bring the work of art to life- and hopefully endless hours of entertainment on this special night. Cheers!

NBC Nightly News

While complementing established brand guidelines, we created an entirely new, dynamic look for NBC Nightly News. Bold, metallic colors and the wow design factor keep viewers from flipping channels during the show.

Must See TV

This fun, retro drawing was created by MPDG as part of NBC's tributes to the "Must See TV" shows that kept us watching every Thursday night for years. It was seen by millions of viewers during its run.

A Bug's Life

Who knew bugs could be so pretty? MPD worked within established brand guidelines to create this DVD menu for Disney.

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