All projects begin with sessions focusing on developing a unified vision between both teams.

To create a true partnership, it is critical that all involved gain a complete sense of expectations and limitations before “the pencil hits the paper.”

Our experiences continually prove that the more upfront preparation we do creates the smoothest transition later in the project cycle. This initial phase lays the foundation upon which the rest of the project is built.



After the vision is solidified and the concept is introduced, we define the work.

This is a true definition of scope. We define what specific work is to be done on the concept described in the previous phase, and assign the proper resources to accomplish the tasks.

We pride ourself on a simple concept often overlooked by project development – we listen. This project is your vision, your brand and your identity. Your comments and input play a vital role in steering the direction of our effort and work.

We leave our egos at the door and simply get the job done.



We begin as artists, real ones, who use pencils, sketchbooks, brushes, crayons and fun things like that.

Drawing, storyboarding, painting, creating visual beauty.  MPD brings you designers with a multitude of experiences and their roots in the arts. We brainstorm, sketch and explain your vision before translating it to working design.  We pick your brain to understand your vision and formulate the concept.  Only when the path is clear do we move to the artistic representation of your brand.